Polina Karpova, born in 1992, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. My adventure with photography started in 2009. I graduated Kharkiv state academy of design and arts in 2013 where I learned the history of arts. At present I’m an independent photographer based in Kharkiv and remotely as a costume designer and stylist for musical projects and Ukrainian theatre productions.


The main direction and theme of my researches are the social interactions that have ever happened to me in the first 25 years of my life and then became a main source of inspiration. In my opinion, art is created and done because of love for someone and it doesn’t matter whether it is mutual or not, this is the best way to express it. In my works this romantic idea of my own life in my native Kharkiv, the allure and contemplation of native streets as a microcosm, which exists for me alone. Thus, such a world view makes me a “local artist” and the work has a slightly “escapist” character.


My subjectively personal type of human beauty is “an eternal and very vulnerable child, dressed always strangely but elegantly, having a sharp, ironically positive view of the world”. At the moment, the most important topics for research are the theme of duality and uniqueness, showing this with the help of a series of self-portraits as a way of communicating with the viewer “directly”.


In my creative practice, I usually turn to the personification of the aesthetic qualities of a particular location in the appearance of the model, as well as build a special staging solution and pick up a color palette that allows you to harmonize the character and architectural context.

Group exhibitions


2018 — “Sloboda Cult” festival / Hotel “Zakarpattya”, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

2018 — SWAP UK:Ukraine / Yermilov centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2017 — Future Perfect / Urban Library, Lviv, Ukraine

2017 — Today, that never happened / Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 — Perceived identities : to have or to be? / Yermilov centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2017 — Krakow Photo Month : ShowOFF section / Centrum Filmowe Krakow – Creative Arts Center

2016 — “Polycopies” photo book festival, exhibition of Ukrainian book layouts by RODOVID / Bateau Concorde-Atlantique, Port de Solferino, Paris

2016 — “Unknown” project / Yermilov-centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2016 — Litoralis / “Drukarnya” cultural platform, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

2016 — Odessa//Batumi Photo Days / Museum of modern art, Odessa, Ukraine

2015 — Social Vandalism / Art kvartira gallery, Dnepr, Ukraine

2015 — Fabrika art festival, part II / Yaroslavskaya str. 10. Kyiv, Ukraine

2014 — Art show POPHOUSE / Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 — Festival TERRA FUTURA / Fabrika shopping mall. Kherson, Ukraine

2014 — SeeMe Takeover / Time Square, NY City (projection on screen)

2014 — Exhibition of ukrainian photographers / ElevenArt gallery, Renn, France

2014 — “After Yesterday” project / Tea Factory gallery, Odessa, Ukraine

2014 — ‘MOTHER’ Exhibition / Doomed gallery, London, UK

2013 — Faceless, part II / Museum Quartier, Vienna, Austria (projection on screen)

2013 — Days of apartment exhibitions / Sumskaya street 19, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Personal exhibitions


2017 – Heart of the darkness / Hotel “Zakarpattya”, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

2017 — 38 / Izolyatsia art platform, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 — Pretty Ghetto / Petit Paris cafe-patisserie, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2016 — 38 / Plast Art gallery, Chernihiv, Ukraine

2016 — 38 / ComeIn gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2015 — 38 / EastFOTO gallery, Grunweld, Germany

2014 — Sexy Rarity / Gallery “21”, Sumy, Ukraine



2018 — Back Lane West / Redruth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

2017 — Sorry, we have no rooms available / Uzhhorod, Ukraine

2017 — SWAP : UK/Ukraine / Liverpool, United Kingdom

2017 — Perceived identities : to have or to be? / Kharkiv, Ukraine

2016 — Litoralis / Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine




2018 — Perfect Strangers (San Francisco, US) #1

2017 — Fotograf magazine (Czech Republic) #29

2016 — Vogue Ukraine (September)

2016 — NYLON Korea (August)

2016 — BRETT magazine (Southern Korea)

2015 — Gedonist newspaper (Russia) #4

2014 — Metropol magazine (Russia) #1



2017 – DepositPhotos.com (project “Art photographers vs stock cliches”)

2016 — BirdInFlight.com

2015 — Vice (Czech)

2015 — BirdInFlight (Ukraine)



2013 — Organiconcrete (Italy)

2013 — KNEON magazine (Austria) #6

2013 — KOCK magazine (China)



2014 — Member of NSPAU (National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine)

2013 — Scholarship nominal photographic grant named Alexey Ivanitskii (Kharkiv)

2011 — Member of UPHA (Ukrainian Photographic Alternative)

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