Sexy Rarity



/ 2011

Not everyone is born in beauty and care. This series of photos – prose about the life and beauty of the present generation of girls born in the post-Soviet Ukraine and grew up in its own terms. The heroine of the photo – an attractive girl, originally from the small town of Kharkiv region. She admits cult of her own body and her image is very cocky and outspoken, she loves to tease and show herself in the form of “sinful girl”. Characteristic in this series is a rich abundance of semi abandoned interiors, preserved since the 1990s and earlier. Every detail of the interior, each item – both print and identification Ukrainian reality.



This is my search for beauty and I find her, but not refined conditions. This photo series for me is a personal turning point of seeing and understanding the beauty outside my city, specifically in the suburbs. Here it is shown not in a beautiful and glamorous wrapper, it’s in real-life conditions of the model.

Pretty Ghetto

/ 2010-2016



The Lost Paradise

/ 2012

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